the international version

an evocative blend of energizing schiller-tunes, classic anthems and selected vocal-tracks performed by a selected guest-artist.

the captivating lightdesign is fully timcode-controlled and adds up to this stylish all-electronic performance.

surround-sound optional in this version.

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the electronic experience

purely instrumental electronica-performance. an exquisite composite of atmospheric schiller-tracks.

the essential yet inspiring lightdesign embraces this ehereal sound-experience. presented in schiller's award-winning surround-sound.

recommended for theaters or seated-venues.

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the audio-visual extravaganza

the ultimate schiller-experience. the full-size arena-show features an electronic rock live-band and selected guest-artists.

dazzling light-effects and a throroughly choreographed set of stage-kinetics create an incomparable audio-visual extravaganza.

including schiller's award-winning surround-sound.

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pure and original
The unique sound of Schiller summarized in an imaginative DJ-set. Experience uplifting clubtracks and soothing yet exclusive downbeat-tunes which will carry you off. Enquire Now